Biography - Halim Youssef


Halim Youssef

  • Born in Amouda – Syria
  • Graduate of Aleppo Universitys
  • lived since 2000 in Germany
  • write both Kurdish and Arabic
  • He won the Kurdish Novel Award in 2015 House Endeshe Sulaymaniyah-Kurdistan Iraq
  • Member in German PEN Club

The Compositions

  • In a Novel                                                            

Sobarto 1999

Fear without Teeth 2006

When Fish get Thirsty 2008

Ninety-nine beads scattered 2015

The Beast inside me 2018

Flying with broken wings 2019

  • In the short Story

The Pregnant Man 1991

Women on the upper floor 1995

The dead do not Sleep 1996

Mem without Zin 2003

Oslander Pasha 2011

The man who searches for his tail  2021

  • Essays

The fires that consume our house – Essays – 2023

  • Interviews

Grandson of Dust – Forty Interviews with Halim Youssef – 2023

  • In Critical Studies

Kurdish Novel-Kurmanji and Zazakia-Comperhensive panorama, from 1930 until 2010 – (2011)

  • In the Theater

The Republic of Maniacs – 6 theatrical scripts – 2022

  • Theater Performances
  • Republic of Maniacs- Şermola-1998-New Life Theater Team-Teyatra Jiyana nu in is still from a story from a same title,, death doesnt sleep,,.this actress in many Turkish and Kurdish stages and in many other cities in Europe. Also had shown on Kurdish satellites TV by recording in form of DVD. Then it had next, the establishment of a theater under the name of Shermola in Istanbul.
  • Execution of nose, it is kind of Monodrama had taken from a story in the same book,,Women of the supper floors,,.the show was performed at the first time in Kurdish theater festival which had been shown in Berlin in 2001.
  • Shoe And head, it is a satirical play taken from an Epic of Mam and Zain which Avesta theater team acter it, in Diyarbakir in 2007.
  • World Train Station, a theater a Play presented by the Forschborn group in Wuppertal, Germany in Deutch language in May 2018
  • In Translation

Translation of three books for children from German language into Kurdish for the Goethe-institute in Istanbul

  • The little mole-Werner Holzwarth
  • The Goose, Death and April sprouts- Wolf Elbruch
  • all his Goose-Christian Duda

Issued with her Turkish translation between 2011 and 2012 Publications lletisim in Istanbul   

  • In the magazines and newspapers

He headed the editor of the cultural magazine Dewar which had Published in Germany in Kurdish language in the year 2013.he also participated in the magazines in Kurdish and Arabic for example,, Bill (a Wave) and ,,Orkesh,, and ,,papers,,.he wrote the press corner of many Kurdish newspapers and for many years ex ,, Rudaw,,issued in Erbil, “Pîne”, “Azadiya Walat” issued in Diyarbakir and Kurdistany Nwu,,issued in Al-Soulaymania.

  • On the television                                                      

Prepared and worked in advance of a literary program, cultural, talk show, fortnight titled,, the third step,, for Kurdish satellite channels Mesopotamia tv, Medya tv, Roj tv from a year 2000 to 2011. He continued on Ronahi tv with another literary program called ,,The Other Door ,,in a year 2012 to 2018.

  • Studies on the work of the author

Books in Arabic:

  • New voices in the Syrian short story,

the world of the expressionist Halim Yuossef.

  Critic Muhammad Muhyiddin Mino. Mulhim – Verlag, Hums-Syrien 2004

  • Biography of a looted place, a critical commentary on Sobarto’s novel.

Critic Masoud Hasan, Damascus – Syria 2006

  • Explanation of symbols in the novels of Halim Yuossef

Critic Reber Hebun – LM Verlag – Germany 2021.

  Books in Kurdish:

  • The Image of the Back – The Burden of Colonialism in the Anatomy of Halim Youssef’s Works.

Critic Ferzan Şêr – Peywend- Verlag, Istanbul 2021.


  • The narrative of the beginning in the contemporary story, Halim Yousef-an imaginary adventure, for the researcher Ibrahim Mahmoud 2010.
  • The cultural Journal file (W) issued in Kurdish language in Diyarbakir. the seventh issue of the magazing in 2005 included a special file on the author,s products named,, Halim Youssef, the writer who burns the stages ,,participated in writing in which a group of writers and criticism Kurds.
  • His Books has so far published in Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, German and English.